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Parasail Prices

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Standard Flight

Afforadble For Beginners
$89 / Person
  • 1000Ft Tow Line
  • 9 Minutes in Air
  • (This flight is our competitors $99 flight)
  • Optional Free Fall where the captain slows down the boat and lets you drift down toward the water, then accelerates to bring you on an "Elevator Ride" back to the top as well as a dip if you like.


More Options
Prices Below
  • Observers - Whenever we have room on the boat, observers are welcome to come along for the ride. Observer seats are often decided on a "stand-by" basis, but if we can, we will make room for you.
    $35pp / $50 Guaranteed Seating
  • Photos! We take 50-60 high resolution digital photos of your entire ride and put the images on an SD card that you get to keep. You can instantly load the photos onto Facebook or send via email, etc ...
    $40 ea

CANCELLATION POLICY: Reservations must be cancelled 24 hours before booking date/time or will be charged full price.